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The town of Triana, Alabama is as scenic as they come. Don’t let some nasty junk ruin the peaceful view; contact Valley Junk Removal today!

Need Junk Disposal in Triana, AL?

The state of Alabama is known across the country for its expansive fields and acres upon acres of quiet farmland. It’s a place of gentle breezes and peaceful relaxation, and the little town of Triana, AL encompasses that Alabamian spirit to a T. Unfortunately, not even a place as pretty as that is immune from the accumulation of junk. If you’re a resident of Triana in dire need of junk removal services, there’s only one team to call: Valley Junk Removal.

Valley Junk Removal crew smiling inside the junk removal truck

Why Our Triana Junk Hauling?

Everyone who needs junk removal of some sort asks the same question: Can’t I just do this myself? We’ll be honest with you. DIY junk removal is absolutely an option, but it’s an option that comes with a whole heap of possible risks. It might be easy enough to take out the trash every Sunday, but what about other types of junk?  If your answer is no, then that’s exactly why you should get in touch with Valley Junk Removal.

So what makes our junk disposal services different from any other crew’s? Well, for one, we at Valley Junk Removal know the value of our clients’ time. But don’t let that give you the impression that our service is rushed. Just because we don’t twiddle our thumbs doesn’t mean we try and blitz the hauling process. No, not at all; when you order service from Valley Junk Removal, you get a team that is both quick and efficient. Nothing less.

Valley Junk Removal crew discussing prices to customer

Affordable Junk Removal in Triana

The best part is, you are in charge of the decision-making for all of our appointments. We haul what you want and nothing else, and you pay for only what we take—not a cent for anything else. Our services are as broad or as specified as you desire; we mean it when we say it’s all up to you! Valley Junk Removal values our client’s choices and time above all else.

We are open 7-days a week to make junk removal in Triana a valuable option to our community. When you consider the fact that you get full-service junk removal at an unbeatable price, what’s not to like about us? If you’re ready to boo your appoinment, give us a call or book online!

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The Average Junk Removal Process

  1. Give us a call at 256-836-5178 or schedule an appointment online. Select the best time for your schedule, and we’ll gladly accommodate it. Valley Junk Removal puts your time first!
  2. When we’re on our way to your home or commercial business, we’ll give you a call ahead of time to let you know. We should be there within 2 hours of that call going out.
  3. Once you’ve shown us what you need removed, you can take a seat and enjoy as we take that nasty thing off your hands. Feel free to talk us about our other junk removal services while we’re at it. We’d love to talk junk pick up with you anytime!
  4. After loading the junk into our truck, the only thing left to do is pay. We provide a free upfront estimate when you schedule your appointment, so you’ll never be blindsided by our prices.

Got Junk in Your Yard?

Triana, AL has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Alabama, even on the local scale. It would be a real tragedy to let those pretty yards and fields get junked up by random refuse like trash, old farming equipment, and animal waste. With just one call to Valley Junk Removal, however, all of those dreadful things can be done away with. Our professional haulers will comb your property and dispose of whatever yucky things we stumble across. By the time we’re done, you’ll be looking at a yard that’s practically brand new.

We don’t just draw the line at small- or medium-sized junk, though. We know that sometimes, the biggest messes are the ones in plain sight; that’s why if you have an old shed, shack, or other structure on your property that you want gone, you need only reach out to Valley Junk Removal. We’ll see to it that that sucker will be torn down safely, loaded up carefully, and disposed of ethically. Shed demolition can be risky business, so don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Our demolition experts will gladly take on the responsibility for you!

About Us

Let’s get one thing clear about us off the bat: we don’t hate junk. In fact, it really doesn’t bother us anymore. That said, we know other people are none too fond of junk, especially if it’s taking up space in their homes, businesses, or general periphery. That’s why we at Valley Junk Removal elect to provide a necessary service to people of the Tennessee Valley area.

We love nothing more than seeing the smiling faces of our clients after a job well done, and we can only hope that you enjoyed our company as much as we did yours.


  • review rating

    This company is the best for all your junk removal needs Spring is here Alabama and Valley Junk Removal is the place to contact. They are amazing. Will be calling them again real soon.

    Erin Marie Mason
  • review rating

    Wonderful service from great people! They arrived when they said they would and got right to work. They asked questions about what needed to go or stay. It took them no time at all to collect my junk then clean up. All at a very reasonable price and with a great attitude! Would recommend them to all and will use them for future projects. Thank you Valley Junk Removal!

    Cynthia Cox
  • review rating

    These guys were awesome, they went above and beyond! They were professional, they were on time and they didn’t waste any time. They did the job fast but more importantly they did the job right! Will definitely use them if the need ever arises again, highly recommend them!

    Chris Cox
  • review rating

    These guys did a great job removing a very large piece of furniture from our 2nd floor. They communicated with me prior to arrival and arrived on time. I would recommend them to anyone! 👍🏻

    G Hammond
  • review rating

    Very professional and quick response. Used their services twice. Both times they were punctual and professional. I recommend them and would use their services again.

    Dewanna Staup
  • review rating

    I highly recommend Valley Junk Removal. Nice guys and very reasonably priced. They arrived on time, with the right equipment, manpower and attitude. They worked hard to remove about seven tons of junk from garage/attic, and the cleaned up afterward. What a relief to see a nice clean attic! I wish I had taken a before photo.

    Phil Jones


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